Stat Increasing Weapons

“Stat increasing weapons” may increase your pet's level, HP, defense, agility, or intelligence.

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Witchy Negg

Twisted Potion of Strength

Therapeutic Swamp Water

Super Strength Potion

Super Negg

Super Fast Shroom

Strength Shroom

Strength Serum

Starry Yellow Birthday Cupcake

Starry Pink Birthday Cupcake

Starry Blue Birthday Cupcake

Staring Negg

Spiked Negg

Sparkle Potion

Sorcerers Potion Set


Silver Knight Negg

Scroll Potion

Scroll of the Warrior

Scroll of the Ancients

Rainbow Swirly Potion

Radioactive Negg

Purple Spotted Shroom

Pumpkin Negg

Power Negg
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