Stat Increasing Weapons

“Stat increasing weapons” may increase your pet's level, HP, defense, agility, or intelligence.

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Glamour Negg

Greater Earthen Potion

Grey Shield

Illusen Day Elixir

Illusens Forest Essence

Irritable Genie-in-a-Bottle

Jar of Forest Earth


Kauvaras Marvellous Potion

Kauvaras Potion

Kaylas Super Special Potion

Lag-B-Gone Serum

Level Up Shroom

Mega Power Plusshroom

Meridellian Potion of Defence

Mummified Scroll

Muntando Fruit

Negg of Purity +1

Neovian Strength Potion

Plaid Negg

Potion of Brightvale Castle

Potion of Dexterity

Potion of Strategic Maneuvers

Potion of Telepathy

Power Negg
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