Smuggler's Cove Weapons

The following weapons restock (or have restocked) at Smuggler's Cove. It restocks randomly, but you are only allowed so mamy page refreshes at the Cove and then you are locked out for about 30 minutes. If you do happen to see an item restock there, it can only be bought with Dubloons. The last rule is that 120 (or less) can exist of every weapon. So, after a Super Attack Pea restocks at Smuggler's Cove 120 (or less) times, it will never restock there again.

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Bottle Of Magic Sand

Pear Of Disintegration

Umbrella Shield

Frozen Cyodrake Shield

Chia Leaping Boots

Sponge Shield

Sad Spell

Mighty Asparagus Sword

Mysterious Amulet

Alien Aisha Sceptre

Alien Aisha Scrambler

Golden Pirate Amulet

Battle Plunger

Ancient Hourglass

Mega Cabbage

Sloth Approved Hair Gel

The Death Knell

Super Attack Pea

Attack Pea

Seasonal Attack Pea

Alien Aisha Ray Gun

Sack Of Sneezing Powder

Banana Sword

Earwax Chia

Artichoke Bomb
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