Semi-retired Weapons

Retired weapons are items that are no longer restocked anywhere on Neopets. They are totally out of circulation.

Semi-retired weapons are items that Neopets doesn't technically classify as “Retired” but are considered retired because they do not restock anywhere.

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Super Attack Pea

Attack Pea

Seasonal Attack Pea


Aisha Myriad

Alien Aisha Ray Gun

Earth Faerie Leaves

Bagguss Bomb

Balthazar Claw


Battle Slices

Bent Fork

Darigan Skeith Tongue

Darigan Sword Of Death

Dark Sceptre

Eraser Of The Dark Faerie

Dz-849 Implosion Device

Faerie Acorns

Fake Von Roo Fangs

Apron Of The Muffin Man

Arcane Bow

Artichoke Bomb


Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting

Attack Meatball
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