Semi-retired Weapons

Retired weapons are items that are no longer restocked anywhere on Neopets. They are totally out of circulation.

Semi-retired weapons are items that Neopets doesn't technically classify as “Retired” but are considered retired because they do not restock anywhere.

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Dangerous Maraquan Yo-yo

Kiko Skull Pirate Hat

Ancient Negg Amulet

Frozen Commander Shield

Fancy Dress Armour

Galems Cloak

High Tech Candle

Meuka Snot Gloves

Mystery Palm Shield

Yooyuball Keepers Chest Guard

Yooyuball Goalie Armour

Eye Of Xantan Amulet

Virtu-helmet 4000

Sinsis Crown

Lair Beast Tooth Shield

Downsize Power Plus

Castle Defenders Shield

Flaming Oven Gloves

Team Meridell Altador Cup Shield

Glistening Earth Shield

Interstellar Spring Shoes

Chefs Uniform

Maraquan Commanders Helm

Untwirly Dagger

Sword of Knowledge
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