Semi-retired Weapons

Retired weapons are items that are no longer restocked anywhere on Neopets. They are totally out of circulation.

Semi-retired weapons are items that Neopets doesn't technically classify as “Retired” but are considered retired because they do not restock anywhere.

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Flaming Toaster

Floral Battle Dung

Flotato Gloves

Forest Cloak

Forest Hat

Forest Sling

Frozen Commander Shield

Fruit Bomb

Fruit Cake Brick

Fumpu Leaf Medallion

Fyoras Looking Glass

Galems Cloak


Glistening Earth Shield

Gloves Of The Muffin Man

Glowing Snow Wurm

Golden Butter Knife

Golden Pirate Amulet

Golden Scarab

Good Snowball

Greater Orb Of The Fire Faerie

Greater Staff Of The Earth Faerie

Green Healthshroom

Green Toadstool

Grimoire Of Thade
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