Weapons Without Official Stats

There are some weapons that we do not have (official) stats on. If you own any of these items that we don't have stats on, please Contact Us to run a weapon test. You may conduct it yourself (send in screenies as proof) or if you feel comfortable you can lend it to us (either way works just fine). When sending in a message about any of these weapons, please include the weapon name and other various effects the weapon may have. Thanks! Your username will be credited on any weapon pages that you contribute information to. :)

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Rainwater Negg

Revenge Shield

Scrams Yoyo

Scroll of Three Curses

Seeking Arrow

Shenkuu Spikes


Smelly Cheese Bomb

Snot Spear

Sorcerers Potion Set

Space Scrap Shield

Staring Negg

Starry Scorchio Wand

Super Strength Potion

Tazzalors Cutlass

The Moar Blade

Thrown Slushie Cup


Tribal Blowgun


Turned Tooth

Twisted Potion of Strength

Ultramax Hammertron

Under and Overripe Avocado Bombs

Underwater Maractite Catapult
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