Weapons Without Official Stats

There are some weapons that we do not have (official) stats on. If you own any of these items that we don't have stats on, please Contact Us to run a weapon test. You may conduct it yourself (send in screenies as proof) or if you feel comfortable you can lend it to us (either way works just fine). When sending in a message about any of these weapons, please include the weapon name and other various effects the weapon may have. Thanks! Your username will be credited on any weapon pages that you contribute information to. :)

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Ancient Hourglass

Billion Degree Sword

Blow Torch

Bottled Candlelight

Bubble Wands

Cabbage of Mystery

Candy Cane Dragon Star

Chainmail Mote

Claw Gloves

Claw of the Ancient Bori


Curling Blade

Cursed Elixir of Neovia

Dangerous Maraquan Yo-yo

Dazzling Ivory Bow

Desert Axe Weapon

Dirt Shield

Dirt Sword

Exploding Clockwork Yooyu Replica

Fan of Swords

Fancy Dress Armour

Galems Cloak

Grarrl Helmet

Grey Faerie Axe

Grudge Keeper
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