Hidden Tower Weapons

Here are all of the hidden tower weapons that have (at some point in time) restocked at the Hidden Tower. Hidden Tower weapons generally are very expensive and only a select few of them are truly worth adding to your battle set. Better save up those NP to shop at the Hidden Tower! ;)

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Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield

Faerie Tabard


Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour

Mask Of Coltzan

Bracelet Of Kings

Shield of Faerieland

Meuka Snot Gloves

Pirate Captains Hat

Sunshine Shield

Air Faeries Fan

Island Mystics Staff

Grimoire Of Thade

Fan of Swords

Greater Orb Of The Fire Faerie

Asparagus Dagger

Greater Staff Of The Earth Faerie

Shield Of Pion Troect

Rod Of Dark Nova

Rod Of Nova

Rod Of Supernova

Dung Catapult

Wand Of Flamebolt

Tornado Ring

Sword of Lameness
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