Hidden Tower Weapons

Here are all of the hidden tower weapons that have (at some point in time) restocked at the Hidden Tower. Hidden Tower weapons generally are very expensive and only a select few of them are truly worth adding to your battle set. Better save up those NP to shop at the Hidden Tower! ;)

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Hubrids Odial Sphere

Hubrids Puzzle Box

Ice Dice

Ice Scorchstone

Island Mystics Staff

Jade Scorchstone

Jhudora The Dark Faerie Doll

Jhudoras Battle Claw

Jhudoras Bewitched Ring

Jhudoras Crystal Ball

Jhudoras Wand

Kaloras Battledeck

Kelpbeards Trident

Lesser Attack Chive

Little Timmys Slingshot

Magical Marbles of Mystery

Maractite Battle Duck

Mask Of Coltzan

Meuka Snot Gloves

Meukas Snot Trail

Monoceraptors Claw

Pirate Captains Cutlass

Pirate Captains Hat

Pocket Cooking Pot

Porcelain Hair Sticks
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