Healing Potions

Healing potions are an item that have some type healing power on your pet.

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Scroll of Three Curses

Leminty Elixir of Healing

Fungus Chucks

Kougra Healing Potion

Cooling Ointment

Fizzy Ummagine Potion

Kaylas Home Remedy

Cabbage of Mystery

Condensed Faerie Essence

Bag of Healing Dust

Bag Of Lenny Healing Seeds

Basic Healing Negg

Elephante Unguent

Elixir Of The Pirate

Blade of Supernova

Blade Of Ultranova

Dark Nova

Dewberry Reviver

Essence Of Everlasting Apple

Everlasting Crystal Apple

Amulet Of Life

Fighting Folder

Gelert Healing Remedy

Glittery Scorchstone

Scroll of Three Wishes
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