Healing Potions

Healing potions are an item that have some type healing power on your pet.

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Healing Potion XVII

Healing Potion XVIII

Healing Springs Residue

Helm of Recovery

Holiday Nova

Illusens Staff

Jade Elixir

Jade Scorchstone

Juicy Elixir

Kacheek Life Potion

Kauvara Attack Book

Kaylas Golden Brew

Kaylas Home Remedy

Kaylas Little Pick Me Up

Kaylas Silver Brew

Kougra Healing Potion

Kyrii Golden Apple of Healing

Leaded Elemental Vial

Leminty Elixir of Healing

Lesser Healing Scroll

Life Giver

Lime Elixir

Lucky Robots Foot

Lucky Uni Charm

Lutari Healing Potion
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