Freezers are weapons that may freeze your opponent in battle.

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Pearly Koi Bubble Net

Elephante Stunray

Black Frost Cannon

Blanking Ray

Darigans Orb

Entangling Lenny Lasso

Exploding Acorns

Ancient Hourglass

Ancient Lupe Wand

Calculation Device

Gelert Blade Of Frozen Wrath

H4000 Helmet

Block Of Ice

Blue Frost Cannon

Scroll Of Freezing

Ice Dice

Ice Mote

Yellow Frost Cannon

Icy Chia Goggles

Freezing Potion

Green Frost Cannon

JubJub Foot Hardening Lotion

Kaylas Potion Of Freezing

Lenny Ray Gun Of Freezing

Lupe Wand
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