Freezers are weapons that may freeze your opponent in battle.

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Advisor Broos Necklace

Amulet Of Chaos

Blanking Ray

Entangling Lenny Lasso

Ancient Lupe Wand

Calculation Device

Gelert Frostweaver Shield

H4000 Helmet

Scroll Of Freezing

Heavy Blue Tunic

Ice Dice

Icy Chia Goggles

Golden Peophin Harp

Lenny Ray Gun Of Freezing

Lupe Wand

Meerca Mesh Net

Pearly Koi Bubble Net

Chomby Lucky Charm Bracelet

Terror Stone

Thrown Slushie Cup

Blue Frost Cannon

Freezing Potion

Ice Mote

Magical Marbles of Mystery

Exploding Acorns
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