Freezers are weapons that may freeze your opponent in battle.

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JubJub Foot Hardening Lotion

Kaylas Potion Of Freezing

Lenny Ray Gun Of Freezing

Lupe Wand

Magical Marbles of Mystery

Maractite Dimensional Trap

Meerca Mesh Net

Moehog Skull

Pearly Koi Bubble Net

Plumbeards Stink Pot

Poogle Liquid Freeze Potion

Rainbow Frost Cannon

Randomly Firing Freeze Ray

Red Frost Cannon

Scroll Of Freezing


Skeith Freeze Mask

Sleep Ray

Slumberberry Potion

Snowglobe Staff

Song Of Futility

Sword of Lameness

Tangle Net Gun

Terror Stone

The Death Knell
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