Dual Duty Weapons

Dual duty weapons are any weapons that have both an offensive attack and defensive protection. Some weapons only have an attack or defense, but “dual duty weapons” have both.

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Darigan Generals Sword

Fungus Chucks

Bubble Blaster

Space Faerie Helmet

Earth Scarab

Basic Lightning Beam

Battle Plunger

Darkness Scarab

Dehydration Potion

Ancient Hourglass

Attack Fork

Fighting Folder

Fire Utility Belt

Gelert Blade Of Frozen Wrath

Glowing Cauldron

Eyrie Rainbow Flash

Blue Frost Cannon

Ice Scorchstone

Icy Glove

Grarrl Tailspike

Green Frost Cannon

JubJub Foot Hardening Lotion

Kacheek Extinguisher

Kauvara Magic Wand

Kaylas Potion Of Freezing
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