Dual Duty Weapons

Dual duty weapons are any weapons that have both an offensive attack and defensive protection. Some weapons only have an attack or defense, but “dual duty weapons” have both.

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Skarls Amulet

Elemental Rock

Devious Top Hat and Cane

Ancient Negg Amulet

Mask Of Coltzan

Bracelet Of Kings

Moehog Skull

Amulet Of Kings

Flotsam Harpoon Helmet

Scarblades Sword

Bottle Of Magic Sand

Maraquan Shieldmaidens Helm

Pear Of Disintegration

Sunblade Replica

Sssidneys Top Hat

Portable Cloud

Fearsome Gladius

Black Long Sleeved Cape

Shadow Flower Amulet

Enchanted Robe

Eye Of Xantan Amulet

Blizzard Ring

Boom Stick!

Robo Grarrl Claw Boots

Darigans Shield Of Malevolence
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