Dual Duty Weapons

Dual duty weapons are any weapons that have both an offensive attack and defensive protection. Some weapons only have an attack or defense, but “dual duty weapons” have both.

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Zombie Fist on a Stick

Zero-G Scout Pack

Zapatron 2000

Yooyuball Player Sling

Xantan Slime Amulet

Woodland Brew

Wooden Practice Staff

Wooden Grarrl Club

Winged Shoyru Amulet

Winged Scarab

Winged Horde Helm

Winged Hammer

Weird Scarab

Web Claw

Water Scarab

Water Faerie Token

Warriors Might

Wand Of The Moon

Wand Of The Light Faerie

Wand of the Dark Faerie

Wand Of The Air Faerie

Wand of Lameness

Wand Of Flamebolt

Volcano Crystal

Virtupets Megacon Helmet
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