Dual Duty Weapons

Dual duty weapons are any weapons that have both an offensive attack and defensive protection. Some weapons only have an attack or defense, but “dual duty weapons” have both.

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Clawed Shield

Cloak of the Moon

Cloudy Wand of Storms

Coffin Nail

Commander Blade

Creeping Shadow Hammer

Curse Stick

Cursed Elixir

Curved Wocky Sabre

Cybunny Helmet

Cybunny X Ray Glasses

Darigan Generals Sword

Darigan Skeith Tail Guard

Darigans Shield Of Malevolence

Dark Dagger

Dark Faerie Collar

Dark Faerie Token

Darkness Scarab

Dazzling Steel Lenny Mask

Deadly Pugio

Decanter of Death

Dee Mote

Dehydration Potion

Devious Top Hat and Cane

Dirt Covered Root
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