Dual Duty Weapons

Dual duty weapons are any weapons that have both an offensive attack and defensive protection. Some weapons only have an attack or defense, but “dual duty weapons” have both.

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Bracers Of Defence

Bracers of Fury

Brain Tree Root

Brilliant Wing Amulet

Brute Strength Potion

Bubble Blaster

Bubbling Cauldron OF DOOM

Buzz Wing Guards

Carved Sansetsukon

Ceremonial Qasalan Dagger

Cheap Air Ring

Cheap Earth Ring

Cheap Fire Ring

Cheap Water Ring

Chefs Spatula

Cherry Jelly Sword

Chia Leaping Boots

Chia Skunk Tail

Chia Stomper

Chiazillas Horn Of Spikefish

Chomby Battle Goggles

Chomby Rocket Belt

Circlet Of The Air Faerie

Circlet Of The Snow Faerie

Claw of the Ancient Bori
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