Illusens Staff

Illusens Staff [r101]
Multiple Use

20% of your max HP when your HP is 20% or less.
Eg: On a pet with 100 hp, this will heal 20hp when it's at 20 or less hp.

Reflects 75% of received icons BACK as icons.
(If dark damage blocked, reflects 75% of light damage back as dark damage and remaining 25% light damage converted to unblocked dark.)

This is a game prize for completing Illusen's Quest Level 50.
Actual iconage is 0.6-6.0 physical icons.

Estimated Cost: 200M NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 9 / 10
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This is Illusens ultimate weapon. She only allows her most worthy friends to use it.
Healing potion
Dual duty (attack + defense)
Reflects icons
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Reviews (avg rating: 9)

Blessed by Illusen, What else could you ask for?! [at Oct 25th, 2011; 7:13 PM]
9 / 10

Hard to get, you need a lot of r99's to get up to quest n° 50 but thankful to questers this is available for us.

It's a must if you want to get into a HST (Hi-score table) in 1-player battling. Also really useful for high league battling.

The most important thing of this weapon is the multi-healing system, this can make you survive forever in 1-player & make you last more turns in league battling.

Downgrade: This weapon is unique for what it does. It reflects, it blocks, it multi-heal & also it attacks !
So there is no cheaper option.

Alternative: If you want its attack go with Sword of Thare 15 earth + 2-7 physical icons are even more I-staff's attack. If you want the multi-healing go with Everlasting Crystal Apple it heals 30hp every time you use it, it's only useful with low-league pets. Last but not least if you want it's full dark blocking go with Hanso Charisma Charm that also deal 5 light & 5 earth icons.

Upgrade: What? Seriously? Wand of the Dark Faerie is the clear upgrade to this. I know she's Illusens nemesis but well, his wand is better :/ (Don't tell Illusen, please)


- Full blocker: Cheapest? Illusens Silver Shield & Pirate Captains Hat(Watch out because its fragile). Want to deal some icons while full blocking earth? then Shield Of Pion Troect is what you're looking for, it blocks 1-2 light too. What?! You want to deal even more icons? then Greater Staff Of The Earth Faerie has been made for you, it deals 3 earth & 1-3 physical icons & blocks 2 air icons, too.

- Reflector: Shovel Plus is the cheapest option, it'll reflect 50% earth but it can break in battle :/ opposite to Ultra Dual Shovel that is even better because it's multiple-use & reflects 75% of I-staff's earth icons.

- Shield: The cheapest multiple-use shield to go against this is the new Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield blocking 5 earth & physical icons. Want a cheaper alternative? Go with Faerie Tabard or Ghostker Shield the first blocks 5 physical & 3 earth icons & the second one blocks 5 earth & 5 physical. Oh, wait, is your budge low? Then just get one of the loyal Leaf Shield that blocks 5 earth & 3 physical.

This is pretty, powerful & is blessed by Illusen, What else could you ask for?! It's one of the best weapons in the game in my opinion. Better start earning np's to buy one.