Foreman Cudgel

Foreman Cudgel [r180]
Multiple Use

Actual iconage is 2 air, 2 earth, and 0.2 - 2 physical.
This is a game prize for completing the Lost Desert Plot.
Estimated Cost: 11.2K - 16.8K NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 1 / 10
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Keep your workers in line with this authentic replica cudgel. Signed by the Foreman himself!
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Reviews (avg rating: 1)

Too Expensive [at Nov 11th, 2009; 2:56 PM]
1 / 10

The price is way too high for a weapon with 6 icons, and it'll only get higher because it's retired.

Go with the Stone Club if you want the icons, but it's more of an upgrade.

Otherwise, the icons are really common so I wouldn't recommend this weapon.