Icy Battle Duck

Icy Battle Duck [r98]
Multiple Use
Estimated Cost: 1.5M - 2.5M NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 5.5 / 10
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This childs toy was left in icy cold bathwater for days; now it seeks revenge!
Used by: Magic Caster Skeleton Warrior
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Reviews (avg rating: 5.5)

Unmatched [at Jul 3rd, 2008; 3:21 PM]
6 / 10

This is honestly, at the time of rating, my favourite weapon. Though readers of my reviews may know my favourite icon is light, this weapon just tickles my fancy like no other.

Power(2) 10 offensive icons.

Price(1) It's pricey but if you can find an alternative that's a better deal, please message me and I'll slap the price rating of this down to 0. Shaken-up Can Of Neocola may be able to do the same amount and type of icons, but 2/3 times it does a tiny little 4 icons. Even for a little below 10k, it's not worth it.

Strategy(2) Air is uncommonly blocked, and water will surprise people as well. Shiny Shoal Shell Shield is the best defense for the price, but if you have a Zafara and a fat wallet, you can kill this with Kaylas Magic Cloak.

Other(1) Did I mention this is my favourite weapon? Just look how cute it is, come on, you know you love it.

Defenses: Shiny Shoal Shell Shield is your best bet, blocking 5.4 icons of this. Kaylas Magic Cloak is the only thing that will kill this, IF you have a Zafara and a lot of money to spend. A lot of extremely overpriced species weapons also block this (specifically the Full Armours).

Upgrades: Bzzt Blaster only does 3 each of these icons, plus 5 light. Runed Maractite Bow is a HUGELY priced war prize that does 5 air, 3 water, plus fire and physical. Ultra Bubble Gun is the only thing that does 5 air + 5 water + more (at the same time anyway), but it's overpriced, triple the price of this, and can end up doing the same amount. Otherwise, sorry, you're out of luck. This is the only good weapon in it's league, in my opinion.
Downgrades: Too many to list, but some good ones are Ice Club, Snowball Slingshot and Pink Squirt Flower.

Alternatives: Shaken-Up Can of Neocola can do the same icons as this and costs less than 10k, but it can also do FOUR icons. I don't like it.
Cool [at May 8th, 2008; 12:33 AM]
5 / 10

Excellent combination of icons, but pricey due to its high rarity. However, no matter how wonderful the icons look, there's still only 10 of them, which when compared to other alternatives just doesn't hold up...

Alternatives: Scuzzys Comb and Ramtors Spellbook get you 10 icons. Ylanas Blaster should be cheaper and gets you almost 13.

Upgrades: Ultra Bubble Gun is the improved version of this, with a chance of dealing some extra air or physical. Wand of Reality and Bow of Destiny deal more damage with decent icons.

Downgrades: Ice Club and Tooth of Terask deal less of the same icons.

Defenses: Faerie Tabard trims it to 3 icons.