Ice Mote

Ice Mote [r80]


Limit One
Actual iconage is 2.2 water.
This weapon breaks after freezing.
20% chance of breaking at the end of the battle each use if you don't freeze (you still get to use it during the battle).

Estimated Cost: 1.31K - 2.19K NP
Restocks at: Brightvale Motery
Avg. rating: 3.67 / 10
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The Ice Mote can freeze opponents and let you either escape or attack before they defrost.
Freezer weapon
Credits: schaper
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Reviews (avg rating: 3.67)

Fragile, yet so sturdy [at Jul 18th, 2008; 4:16 PM]
4 / 10

Power (1/4):To my tests, having 15% chance of freezing is a no.

Price (1/2):It's cheap and still yet effective enough to be worth using without throwing your hard earned NPs te a wishing well.

Tactical (1/3): It won't break before it freezer your opponent, so IF you life long enough you are guaranteed an freeze.

Other Angle (1/1): The best Mote out there. (That's not much though.

Alternatives: Snowglobe Staff and Green Frost Cannon never are Only Semi-Fragile and thus you won't never lose them forever.

Upgrades: Scroll of Freezing has 100% freeze rate, but is also fragile, and costs a bunch!

Defences/Countermeasures:The damage it does is not worthwhile enough to kill you so just hope it won't freeze you.
Pretty chill [at Mar 17th, 2008; 11:50 AM]
5 / 10

A decent freeze percentage makes this a good choice for those on a budget, though relying on these for too long will lose you even more neopoints. Definitely usable though.

Alternatives: Green Frost Cannon has a lower freeze rate but doesn't break permanently.

Upgrades: Snowglobe Staff costs more but doesn't break forever, making it a good percentage freezer. Scroll of Freezing is expensive and best saved for important fights.
Most useful mote [at Feb 11th, 2008; 6:27 PM]
2 / 10

It is believed that this is the most useful mote around and the cheapest freezer there is. I'll give it another point for that.

generally MOTES = USELESS