Heavy Blue Tunic

Heavy Blue Tunic [r99]
Once Per Battle

Under 1000 intelligence points - This item will only defend.
Over 1000 intelligence points - This item will freeze and defend on the first use then it cannot be used for the rest of that battle. Limit One
Estimated Cost: 6.5M-7.5M NP
Restocks at: Brightvale Armoury
Avg. rating: 7 / 10
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This heavy tunic has lots of pockets to keep all your important stuff in.
Freezer weapon
Credits: schaper
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Reviews (avg rating: 7)

A tunic blocks all that? What is this made of? o.o [at Oct 26th, 2011; 6:14 PM]
6 / 10

The only freezer that just defends while 100% freezing (Along with Moehog Skull).
It's amazing if you have a good strategy built to make its blocking useful (Especially for league battling)

Upgrade: Moehog Skull is the only other freezer that blocks icons.Or Sleep Ray if you want to go offensive and/or want a more expensive freezer.

Alternative: If you want a 100% freezer, for its price range the best alternative would be Magical Marbles of Mystery.

Downgrade: No other non-species freezer blocks icons so the downgrade for a 100% would be
Magical Marbles of Mystery or
Freezing Potion or H4000 Helmet.
Defensive Freezer [at Jun 4th, 2008; 7:22 PM]
8 / 10

I love the fact that this freezer have 9 defensive icons on it. It's a great change from the usual freezers that usually have offensive icons. But you need to work hard first to meet the intelligence requirement before you could enjoy the great satisfaction this weapon bring. See Scroll Potion