Amulet of Inevitable Betrayal

Amulet of Inevitable Betrayal [r96]
Multiple Use


Estimated Cost: 100K NP
Restocks at: Haunted Weaponry
Avg. rating: 6 / 10
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Its laugh is an evil laugh!
Dual duty (attack + defense)
Used by: Savage Sycamore, Shadow Wraith Brute, Shadow Spectre Brute, Shadow Phantom Brute
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Reviews (avg rating: 6)

Spooky [at Mar 15th, 2008; 11:59 AM]
6 / 10

An interesting dual-duty weapon. This matches Scuzzys Comb and Ramtors Spellbook, and beats Staff of Righteous Fury, Pike Pike and Psellias Fighting Fan, making it very interesting in this level of play. Very cool name too.

Alternatives: Thief Dagger is an extremely cheap option that actually does quite well against many of the weapons mentioned before. Sword of the Dead and Ethereal Sword trade some offense for more light defense.

Upgrades: If you can find a Dusty Magic Broom or Air Faerie Crown for a price you're willing to pay, they're good upgrades.

Downgrades: Unstable Slime skips the light defense.

Defenses: Tooth of Terask and Golden Compass come out just ahead. Otherwise, just out-damage it with something that doesn't use light, such as Steaming Skeem Potion.