Blue Scorchstone

Blue Scorchstone [r94]
Once Per Battle
30 HP (with overheal)

Note: Overhealers are not working in the new Battledome. Check the Beta News page to monitor the status of overhealers.
Estimated Cost: 99K - 120K NP
Restocks at: Defence Magic
Avg. rating: 7.33 / 10
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This rare gem will restore your pet thirty hit points, but it can only be used once per battle.
Healing potion
Used by: Monstrous Moach, Maraquan Charger, Savage Sycamore, Skeith Defender, Pirate Bomber, Neopets V2
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Reviews (avg rating: 7.33)

Very nice healer [at Jan 29th, 2011; 7:50 AM]
8 / 10

Price (2/2): The most cost effective scorchstone.

Performance (2/4): 30 HP with overheal is enough for a beginning battledomer, but just barely.

Another Angle (4/4): The overheal of scorchstones is their best attribute. You can use this whenever you like and not worry about timing nearly as much as the healing scrolls.

Healing is required in the battledome, and this is the most cost effective scorchstone around. However, it will be outgrown once you get to the 30-50 HP range. For those with very low budgets, Bronze Scorchstone is a lot cheaper for half the HP healed. For an upgrade, Green Scorchstone
heals 40 HP but is presently over 300k. The other approach is a Greater Healing Scroll which doesn't provide overheal, so it is usually cheaper.
Useful stone [at Jun 29th, 2008; 4:34 AM]
5 / 10

Power (1/4):It heals 30 HP

Price (1/2):Comes with a reasonable price of 50k

Tactical (2/3): It's hard to use other weapons if you run out of health...

Other Angle (1/1): It's the best coloured Scorchstone.

Alternatives: Greater Healing Scroll, costing 30k and heals 50 HP

Upgrades: There really aren't any upgrades from these 2 weapons before the species healers and Bag of Healing Dust

Defense/Countermeasures: None
Cool Blue [at Mar 16th, 2008; 8:57 PM]
9 / 10

After Tarla gave these out, the price dropped to a very reasonable level. Definitely a better deal than most of the other scorchstones. This is affordable and useful for pets with less than 40 or so hit points.

Alternatives: Greater Healing Scroll should be your choice if you have more hit points.

Downgrades: Lesser Healing Scroll and Bronze Scorchstone, depending on how much HP you have.