Bloodberry Elixir

Bloodberry Elixir [r99]
Single Use
10 HP

This weapon was previously incorrectly reported as a 50% healer with possible light defense. TDN Battlepedia staff have personally tested and confirmed, without a doubt, that it is merely a single-use 10 HP healer.
Estimated Cost: 1K - 2K NP
Restocks at: Kauvara's Magic Shop
Avg. rating: 2 / 10
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Whatever you do dont spill this on your clothes, you will NEVER get the stain out!
Healing potion
Credits: professorelite
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Reviews (avg rating: 2)

Better weapons are cheaper! [at Apr 20th, 2014; 8:46 AM]
2 / 10

For some pets, 10 HP could make a big difference in their battles. For others, 10 HP is nothing. If 10 HP isn't going to make a big difference for you, then ignore this item because it's not worth it for you.

If instead you fall into the first camp, you could spend your NP on this; it wouldn't be a huge waste. But on the other hand, weapons like Magical Healing Potion are cheaper, especially since they're given out by a daily, and they are actually more effective. Even Healing Potion VI, which has exactly the same effect, is cheaper.

Upgrades: Magical Healing Potion, obviously. If you're going to be healing a lot you might want to invest in a multi-use/once per battle healer like Tangella Tonic or Bronze Scorchstone.