H4000 Helmet

H4000 Helmet [r101]
Once Per Battle
100% Freeze Opponent

Limit One
Estimated Cost: 6.4M - 7.5M NP
Restocks at: Space Weaponry
Avg. rating: 8 / 10
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Far more than a simple helmet, a single blast from this head gear will stop your opponent in their tracks! Limited Use. You can only have one freeze item equipped to a pet!
Freezer weapon
Used by: Benny, Bennie the Jub, Disgruntled Townspeople, Herman Dorfdrap, Mayor Thumburt, Zombiefied Peasants, Swordmaster Talek, Skeleton Warlord, Thief Overseer, Evil Sloth Clone, Punchbag Bob (Sid), Kauvara, Garoo Elite Specialist Riilan, Garoo Elite Strike Commanders, Virtupets Militia, Primary Grundo Bot RZ894, Neopets V2, Smug Philosopher, Genius Inventor
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Reviews (avg rating: 8)

Hypnotic... [at Dec 7th, 2012; 2:13 PM]
7 / 10

This is a 100% freezing weapon, so it's pretty hard to find fault with. The only real counter for a freeze is a freeze of your own, although a well-timed all-out attack can be quite useful occasionally.

The most reliable way to counter this is with another 100% freezer (although not necessarily used in the same turn), such as another one of these.
The other non-species 100% freezers are Freezing Potion, which also deals two water icons, Magical Marbles of Mystery, which also deals three physical icons, Heavy Blue Tunic, which adds some defensive icons and Moehog Skull, which adds lots of offensive and defensive icons but is a lot more expensive.
Species freezers may also be worth getting if they are available.

Three possible alternatives for this weapon are multi-freezers. Slumberberry Potion provides 17.5% freeze chance and 10 water icons and does not break for the battle after freezing, Ice Dice provides a 25% freeze chance and does not break for the battle after freezing and Sword of Lameness has a 17.5% chance to freeze (and doesn't break for the battle), as well as the potential to fully heal or deal some offensive icons.

The obvious downgrades would be Randomly Firing Freeze Ray with its 50% freeze chance and Scroll of Freezing, which is fragile.

Overall, this is a very worthwhile weapon, but it is worth considering the other freezers as well.
More Crucial Than Ever [at Nov 24th, 2012; 9:14 PM]
9 / 10

In the old Battledome, you could get away with a small percentage freezer by withdrawing. Now a withdraw in 1-P is a loss, so if you want to freeze without losing, you'd best have a 100% freezer. This one doesn't have any frills, but it certainly gets the job done, and it's not fragile, so you won't be spending a ton of NP on a freezer that breaks in the next few battles.

Downgrades: Snowglobe Staff freezes 20%. Randomly Firing Freezing Ray freezes 50%. Scroll of Freezing freezes 100%, but it's fragile.

Alternatives: Freezing Potion and Magical Marbles of Mystery are both non-fragile 100% freezers that cost about the same amount as this. They each do 2-3 icons of attack, too.

Upgrades: Moehog Skull and Heavy Blue Tunic add either attack or defense icons.

Defenses/Countermeasures: Just outfreeze!