Golden Compass

Golden Compass [r85]
Multiple Use


Actual defense iconage is 2.67 dark.

Estimated Cost: 30K - 60K NP
Restocks at: Magical Marvels
Avg. rating: 8.5 / 10
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Not only will you know where you are going but you will also be able to surprise your opponent with an attack.
Dual duty (attack + defense)
Used by: Smug Philosopher
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Reviews (avg rating: 8.5)

Useful when you're lost in the dark... [at Sep 18th, 2012; 2:41 PM]
8 / 10

With the rise in popularity of the 500k set cap, this has found a niche despite the relatively cheap Hanso Charisma Charm. This is a nearly permanent feature in many 500k sets, as it rivals the common constants in terms of offensive icons, whilst also boasting some dark defense that can derail other common weapons or fill a hole in various shields.

Offensively, it combines well with Frozen Wand of Crystals which adds water defense as well, Scroll of Ultranova and Altadorian Halberd.
Defensively, it works well alongside a Patched Magic Hat, Leaf Shield, Royal Blue Cape and Blue Draping Cloak (provided the requirements are met).

This gets all its icons past Leaf Shield, as well as beating many common 500k set cap dual duties, including Cloudy Wand of Storms, Jhudoras Cursed Sword, Ancient Gnarled Wand and Scarab Ring, thanks to dealing more icons in the first place. It also beats the popular Ramtors Spellbook and the new Barbat Throwing Star head to head.

If you're looking for upgrades to this weapon, Hanso Charisma Charm deals 10 icons and blocks all dark whilst Scroll of Ultranova drops the defense, adding two extra icons.

This weapon is not easily beaten in a 500k set cap battle, meaning the best solution is often to outdamage it, with weapons such as Scuzzys Comb, Scroll of Knowledge, Scroll of Ultranova, Bow of the Fire Faerie and Chakram of the Air Faerie.

All of that said, if you are looking for cheap dual duties or just for something that will block dark, this is definitely worth considering, especially for 500k set cap battles.
Among few that glitter that actually is gold [at Nov 10th, 2011; 6:35 AM]
9 / 10

This was my favorite weapon back when it first came out in 2006. With 12 total icons, it is still among best dual-duty weapons in its price class. It has excellent icons that are not fully blocked by any of the common shields in its class and will get three past both sink and burrow. The only one effective counter that I can think of is the Royal Blue Cape, which is very rare to encounter.

A similar weapon is the Frozen Wand of Crystals, which has one less fire icon and blocks water instead.

There are no direct upgrades as far as I know, with the closest that also blocks dark being the much more expensive Hanso Charisma Charm. Another weapon that is comparable is the much more expensive Air Faerie Crown.