Abominable Snowflake

Abominable Snowflake [r90]

Actual iconage is 3 water and 3 dark.
Estimated Cost: 1K - 2K NP
Restocks at: Ice Crystal Shop
Avg. rating: 1 / 10
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Argh its hideous! Get it away from me...
Credits: schaper
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Reviews (avg rating: 1)

Argh its hideous! [at Apr 5th, 2008; 3:53 AM]
1 / 10

Don't ever waste your money on this!

Power (1/4) Deals 6 icons but fragile. This makes it quite useless

Price (0/2)Just too high. Get the dual duty,Scarab ring if you want to deal some dark icons.
Abominable indeed [at Mar 10th, 2008; 6:12 PM]
1 / 10

Say no to expensive fragile weapons that don't even do a good amount of icons...

Alternatives: Sand Snowball costs less and packs 9 icons. Unstable Slime and Scarab Ring also use dark and water, but are multiple-use and simply stronger. If you're sure this is the type of bomb you want, try Jhudoras Snowball.