Gelert Blade Of Frozen Wrath

Gelert Blade Of Frozen Wrath [r99]


Limit One
This item WILL break after freezing.

Estimated Cost: 650 - 800K NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 2 / 10
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Just seeing a Gelert wielding this blade will send shivers down their opponents spine...
Species Weapon for Gelert
Freezer weapon
Dual duty (attack + defense)
Credits: angelofmine174
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Reviews (avg rating: 2)

Cold Blade [at Jun 9th, 2008; 9:05 PM]
2 / 10

I have to give 1 point for the nice icons and the cool looks of this but not very reliable as a freezer (just like it's counterpart Gelert Frostweaver Shield.

Alternatives: Snowglobe Staff is best for 1 player battles.