Flaming Dagger Of Fire

Flaming Dagger Of Fire [r92]
Multiple Use


Actual iconage is 2.25 - 4.9 damage.

Estimated Cost: 22.5K - 37.5K NP
Restocks at: Tyrannian Weaponry
Avg. rating: 3 / 10
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As if by magic these flames are as sharp as any metal dagger, only much, much hotter!
Dual duty (attack + defense)
Used by: Pirate Bomber, Cunning Mastermind
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Reviews (avg rating: 3)

Hot Dagger [at Oct 28th, 2009; 1:33 AM]
3 / 10

This is dual-duty, with 2.25-4.9 damage. Not exactly good in the attack area, eh?

Defence... 6 icons. Just on the border of minimum icons a weapon should have.

BUT, in saying that, it's price is cheap. Currently 2K-10K+. Not too bad, eh?

Other dual-duty weapons include the popular 9-iconer Golden Compass, which is on the border of unbuyable (100K+) at the moment. It also has 3 dark defence icons, much like this.

Cool, but maybe if you want dual-duty damage the Golden Compass would be better.