Attack Meatball

Attack Meatball [r130]
Multiple Use

Will never restock again at Smuggler's Cove.
Actual physical iconage is 0.3-3.0 icons.
Estimated Cost: 900K-1.4M NP
Restocks at: Smugglers Cove
Avg. rating: 1 / 10
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Love meatballs? Well here is another way to use a meatball that you might never have imagined!
Smuggler's Cove weapon
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Reviews (avg rating: 1)

Trash [at Jul 9th, 2008; 3:56 PM]
1 / 10

I'm going to be brief with this because it's that horrible.

Power(1) 6-8 icons is below the standard for low level battling.

Price(0) It's bad enough this is a Cove item, but now it's retired and they're hard to find and sell for bundles.

Strategy(0) It takes a lot for me to give a weapon a 0 in strategy, but this has won it. Earth and physical is pathetic, this actually gets 100% blocked by the trio of common low level defenses. Leaf Shield, Patched Magic Hat, and Sophies Magic Hat.

Other(0) This is a disgrace to meatballs everywhere.

Defenses: See the Strategy section, this weapon doesn't deserve me repeating them.

Upgrades: Earth and physical is not something you should be aiming for, but a Dull Stone Axe uses them and light, so it's pretty decent.
Only for Food Fights [at Jun 6th, 2008; 10:37 PM]
1 / 10

8 possible icons for almost a million? No way. Even Ice Club or Stone Club or Golden Compass overpowers this by 1 icon for the fraction of the price. Get a Ylanas Blaster instead.