Ancient Hourglass

This weapon has (some) unknown stats! This info is unofficial!
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Ancient Hourglass [r101]

Could freeze opponent (Probability wanted, please contact us for testing/lending)

Limit one.
This weapon breaks after freezing.
Will never restock at Smuggler's Cove again.

Estimated Cost: 22M NP
Restocks at: Smugglers Cove
Avg. rating: 3 / 10
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When the last grain of sand falls into the bottom chamber of the hourglass, this magical item will freeze your opponent!
Freezer weapon
Smuggler's Cove weapon
Dual duty (attack + defense)
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Reviews (avg rating: 3)

No Tests [at Jul 8th, 2008; 10:45 AM]
3 / 10

This is slightly more difficult to rate because nobody anywhere seems to know the freeze chance, but all the same this weapon is junk.

Power(2) I'm going to assume this has over a 15% chance to freeze, so I'll give it 2 points.

Price(0) The only one on the TP is currently asking for an offer beating 18 million, so...

Strategy(1) Earth is commonly blocked, and the freeze % of this is probably not that high. You could get about three 100% freezers for the price of this.

Other(0) I do believe I have nothing else to say.

Upgrades: Any 100% freezer. H4000 Helmet is good.
Downgrades: I can't really tell because I don't know the freeze %, but some non-100% freezers are Black Frost Cannon and Rainbow Frost Cannon.
Stay Ancient [at Jun 6th, 2008; 9:41 PM]
3 / 10

The 5 earth icons would have been nice if this is a 100% freezer. unfortunately, it's not so i don't think it deserves to priced at the level of Freezing Potion or Sleep Ray.