Aisha Myriad

Aisha Myriad [r180]
Once Per Battle
The weapon will change itself into a random Hidden Tower item greater than 1M NP that isn't one time use.
Estimated Cost: 800M-900M NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 2.25 / 10
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This is a strange device is made by the Alien Aishas. Why not push a button and find out what happens...
Hidden Tower weapon
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Reviews (avg rating: 2.25)

Fun But Non-Existent [at Jul 7th, 2008; 11:38 AM]
2 / 10

I would imagine this would be a fun thing to use against Punchbag Bob or something, but this is pretty useless in serious battling. The chances of getting something worthwhile are low, and even if you do, you could probably buy out the entire Hidden Tower if you had one of these and sold it.
Unique... [at Jul 4th, 2008; 4:07 PM]
2 / 10

This can be used to test new Hidden Tower weapons when they come out, without having to buy them. Beyond that, it's too expensive and useless for most people.
Fun Times [at Jun 26th, 2008; 8:26 PM]
2 / 10

This is a fun weapon to use since you wouldn't know what would come out. It's great to use something like the Ghostkersword and other retired HT weapons. The downside is, it's too expensive. So expensive that you would rather buy yourself one of those items than this.
Amusing [at Jan 29th, 2008; 4:17 PM]
3 / 10

Power: 1/3

Only gets a 1 for its unpredictability and the chance of giving you a very bad weapon to use.

Price: 0/3

According to TDN's prices, this is far too expensive for the chance of giving you a hidden tower item that is weak AND costs just a little over 1 million for a battle. =P

Usefulness: 1.4/3

In 2-player, your opponent will never know what you'll bust out against them, making it hard to defend against. Of course, you won't know either...

Other: 1/1

Great fun to see what you get in casual battles with Inflatable Balthazar and stuff.

Summary: Overall, a fun weapon to mess around with, but don't go relying on it to pummel others.