Attack Pea

Attack Pea [r101]
Multiple Use

Will never restock again at Smuggler's Cove.
Estimated Cost: 200M-250M NP
Restocks at: Smugglers Cove
Avg. rating: 7 / 10
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As dissimilar to other Battledome weapons as two extremely dissimilar things in a pod.
Smuggler's Cove weapon
Used by: Darigan Elemental
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Reviews (avg rating: 7)

Overinflated [at Jul 14th, 2008; 3:58 PM]
5 / 10

I remember way back in the day when this didn't even cost 50 million.

Power(4) 24 constant offensive icons makes this one of the strongest weapons on neopets.

Price(0) This is way overinflated to a couple hundred million. Considering Sword of Skardsen does a maximum of 24 icons for only 10 mil, I don't find this worth it. Sure, you're guaranteed the 24 icons, but I don't really want to pay an extra 200-300 million to turn 7.75 potential icons into 7.75 guaranteed.

Strategy(1) I like mono-types, and while earth is easy to block, earth in this much bulk is hard to block. The only thing that raises fear would be things like the Shovel Plus, or Illusens Silver Shield.

Other(0) Any Cove item will be overpriced, especially retired ones.

Defenses: Earth reflectors or full blockers. Shovel Plus, Illusens Silver Shield, or Pirate Captains Hat.

Upgrades: Super Attack Pea does 32 icons. Seasonal Attack Pea does 28.
Downgrades: For a lot of earth, you may want to peek at the Carrotblade, if you can find one.
Landslide! [at Jun 6th, 2008; 5:44 PM]
8 / 10

Wow! 24 pure earth is truely a powerhouse. Unfortunately, being a retired Cove item puts it's price tag way beyond the average Neopian's reach.

Counters: Illusens Silver Shield and Pirate Captains Hat can easily block this while Ultra Dual Shovel can reflect much of it back to you.
Small, but powerful [at Feb 13th, 2008; 6:16 AM]
8 / 10

This weapon is commonly disregarded as being one of the best ever, and only a few possess this earth freak.

Power (9/10) Sure, some may see the Earth only icons as a sign of easy blockage, but dealing out 24 CONSTANT icons every turn is something not everyone can withstand effectively. It's literally a multiple Ghostkerbomb.

Price (2/10) - The fact that it is amongst the most expensive weapons and being semi-retired marks its price tag as literally unaffordable.

Tactical (7/10) While this baby crushes through the 1p challengers, 2p will reveal difficult to own, because its likely your opponent will have some defense weapon to block the great deal of damage.

Final Score (8/10) While dealing out 24 icons every turn seems somewhat of a dream, one must not forget that it's high price is unfortunately very restrictive. Consider yourself very lucky if you have one of these, because you have a tiny pea worth millions in your set (or gallery).

Counters - Although even Burrow (faerie ability) can block this effectively, try a great blocker like the Pirate Captains Hat, or reflect 3/4 of the damage instead, by means of the Ultra Dual Shovel.

Alternatives/Upgrades - A Ghostkersword is a good alternative to this. Seeking even more expensive, but better weapons, one can try the Seasonal Attack Pea or the highest constant exponent in attack, the Super Attack Pea.