Ring of the Sway

Ring of the Sway [r101]
Multiple Use

This is a prize from the Obelisk War.
Estimated Cost: 300K NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 4 / 10
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Wear it proudly to show your fellow members where your loyalties lie.
Credits: jeffreyfan8m1
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Reviews (avg rating: 4)

Step up for the Ramtors Book? [at May 19th, 2013; 9:50 PM]
4 / 10

This is a price of the Obelisk War, The winner Sway got this Ring! UM....good combination of icons and number of icons. However.....

Power to Prices:(2/6) 11 icons for currently 300K selling in the trading post. Way too expensive, considering the other 11 icons Scroll of Knowledge selling for just 60K.

Tactical:(2/3) Pass through many common shields like Leaf Shield and Ice Shield in beginners level, also does a great job on bypassing intermediate shields like Shiny Shoal Shell Shield .

Other Observation:(0/1) I am not in the Sway team so I hate this Ring. It is also semi retired so there is a high possibility to get inflated with the price.

Upgrades:Rainbow Clockwork Grundo did both light and dark attacks,but add more fire and air damage so it is more worth considering. Currently now selling for 3.2M in trading post for maximum 20 icons is a super deal.

Downgrades/Alternatives: Ramtors Spellbook deal same types of icons with 1 dark attack less but it is more cheaper. Alternatives can be Scroll of Knowledge which also deals 11 icons.

Defenses/Countermeasures: Some shields do a good job on this. Example like Shield of the Setting Sun and Mystical White Cloak. For advanced battle that needs dual duty, Dusty Magic Broom and the Jhudoras Cursed Sword blocks the light attacks, while Hanso Charisma Charm blocks dark attack.