Scroll of the Fool

Scroll of the Fool [r93]
Estimated Cost: 11K - 17K NP
Restocks at: The Scrollery
Avg. rating: 8 / 10
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Only a fool would dare to use this scroll!
Credits: dEsTrOyEr_10, wavedischarge
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Reviews (avg rating: 8)

Not as foolish as the name implies! [at Oct 19th, 2014; 8:52 AM]
8 / 10

Power to Price (6/6): At the time of writing this, Scroll of the Fool can be purchased for the incredibly affordable cost of around 7k. 10 icons for that price is less than 1k per icon, which is an excellent ratio. Most of the other icons in the 10-12 range cost much more. In particular, Scroll of Fool provides just one icon less than the very popular Scroll of Knowledge, which is selling for 10 times the price, and it has similar icons as Barbat Throwing Star, which is unbuyable.

Tactical (1.5/3): With 4 icon types, there's a good shot of getting some icons through. This sails right through Parasol of Unfortunate Demise and gets 8 icons through Leaf Shield. However, Sophies Magic Hat takes this down to just 3 icons.

Other Observations (0.5/1): It's hard to get behind a weapon that claims itself for fools, yet is actually pretty strong. Or maybe just very self-aware?

Downgrades: Ghostkerchief Dagger and Howling Axe are direct downgrades. Other approximate downgrades include Scroll of Forgotten Promises, Quill Sword, and Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer.

Alternatives: Scroll of the Wise and Scroll of the Scholar give the same number of icons for a similar cost. Scroll of Ultranova has 0.2 less icons for a lower cost.

Upgrades: Altador Cup Throwing Star is almost a direct upgrade, sacrificing the dark attack for more of the other icons. Ylanas Blaster also sacrifices the dark attack and one icon of air for more fire and earth icons.

Defenses/Countermeasures: Tower Shield blocks all but 1 icon of each of dark and air. Sohpies Magic Hat leaves just the air icons.