Floral Battle Dung

Floral Battle Dung [r101]
Multiple Use
Estimated Cost: 300 NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 2 / 10
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This is the most fragrant dung in existence! This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y14.
Credits: Optic_illusion
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Reviews (avg rating: 2)

Lame... [at Dec 30th, 2012; 10:43 PM]
2 / 10

I'm giving this a 2 because there are SOME more expensive weapons that this does actually beat in terms of attack power.

Considering the power of some of the other advent calendar weapons, and considering 11 icons that the other battle dungs have;
Battle Dung
Glowing Battle Dung
Rancid Battle Dung
Starry Battle Dung

The Floral Battle Dung is purely craptastic! Pretty disappointing! I was hoping it'd be of some higher value, similar to the other battle dungs.

Here are a couple alternatives in this power range. Similar in price and power, and good to consider.
Scarab Ring 6 attack and defense
Obsidian Dagger 6-8 attack

If you want to look at offensive gear from the advent calendar Y14, here are the others that can beat this in attack power.

Chucklass Another "loser" from the advent calendar, but super cheap and does up to 7 icons of damage! (Some fractal physical though)
Molten Branch Sword The 2nd best advent offenser imho in this year. Up to 8 icons, but deals fractional physical.

While fractal can be a problem it can also be a boon with some luck. Up to you how you want to battle. ;) And at this level, the prices of the weapons I listed is pretty moot as they are all within a small range of each other. (Though the chucklass being 1np on the Wiz was pretty amazing to see. lol)

Here is what I feel is the best of the advent calendar prizes so far this year. Great for beginning battlers!

Festive Holiday Scroll IMHO The "winner" of advent calendar weapons this year (so far as there is 1 day left). 8 SOLID icons, 3 Light, 3 Air and 2 Physical. With the cheapest on the wiz being about 50-200np as of this moment!