Amulet of Altador

Amulet of Altador [r96]
Multiple Use


Estimated Cost: 10K-20K NP
Restocks at: Magical Marvels
Avg. rating: 5 / 10
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The Amulet of Altador gets its power from the sun itself!
Dual duty (attack + defense)
Credits: Eli (for lending)
Used by: Rasala the Bright
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Reviews (avg rating: 5)

Scarab Ring Imitator [at Dec 8th, 2012; 1:05 PM]
5 / 10

Much like Scarab Ring, this dual-duty defends and attacks six icons. However, at 6 times the price of Scarab Ring, the only reason to use this instead is for the specific icons. For example, Leaf Shield leaves just two icons of Scarab Ring, but this gets through completely. Also, head-to-head, this leaves only 2 icons of Scarab Ring while getting 6 icons through.

Alternatives: Scarab Ring, obviously. If you're tied to the icons, Gilded War Hammer trades one air and the water defense for 3 physical icons. Other good dual-duties with 6-7 icons are Oversized Maractite Rune Sword and Snowager Sword.

Upgrades: Rainbow Scroll is a fairly direct upgrade, trading the defense for 3 icons of water attack for around the same price. Scroll of the Scholar and Scroll of Knowledge are cheap 10-11 iconers.

Defense: Mystical White Cloak and Parchment Cloak (if you meet the intel requirement) block this completely.