Skarls Hasty Mace

Skarls Hasty Mace [r200]
Multiple Use

Additional air and earth are independent.

Average is approximately 16.5 icons.

636 trials

8 earth: 36.16%
10 earth: 24.53%
11 earth: 15.88%
12 earth: 2.83%
13 earth: 13.05%
14 earth: 2.52%
15 earth: 2.04%
16 earth: 1.89%
18 earth: 1.1%

5 air: 60.06%
8 air: 33.81%
11 air: 6.13%
Estimated Cost: 7M NP
Restocks at: Hidden Tower
Avg. rating: 8 / 10
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The perfect weapon, when all you have is food on hand...
Hidden Tower weapon
Credits: delinquentkitty
Used by: Commander Flint , Wrath
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Reviews (avg rating: 8)

The mace. Made for bashing plate armour and shields [at Jul 29th, 2012; 11:50 PM]
8 / 10

Personally, I think they should have opened weapon shops in Meridell and the Darigan Citadel. That is an obvious statement that I know is liked by many.

I'm really proud that TNT brought this weapon into the Hidden Tower. They have finally brought a weapon worth of consideration into the battledome.

First of all, this weapon's power to it's price is the best in the game so far. Correct me I'm wrong, but 16.5 icons for only 7 mil is quite the deal.

In one player, this club isn't bad. If you've been looking for a constant to smash npcs with but just can't afford that Kelpbeards Trident or Sword of Skardsen, then I suggest you look at this. It has the potential to hit in any numeral of the 20's while costing 3-4 mil less than the anagram swords in the hidden tower. Although the average is lower than that of an anagram sword, and the minimum damage is as well, it's the price of this weapon that makes it so valuable to those who can't afford a lot of weapons. If neopoints isn't a problem however, I suggest you look at the more consistent and powerful Sword of series. Aka, anagram swords.

As for 2-player, this weapon can really shine. The first thing I want to point out is that all of the maces icons get through sink. The Sword of Ari and Sword of Thare manage a constant 15 icons through sink, while this mace averages 16.5 icons through sink. Also keep in mind however this can hit as low as 13, but as high as 29. The next thing I want to point out is how earth is somewhat hard to fully block, due to none of the popular HT shields blocking full earth. A common reflector however is the Ultra Dual Shovel which people use to handle the pesky attack pea family and Grapes of Wrath.

As good as this weapon is for hitting through people who use sink, keep in mind that sink is usually for only one turn. So the damage advantage through sink, is realistically for that one turn where as a Thare or Ari are more powerful constants to use throughout the entire battle.

In conclusion, if you are in between upgrading from your intermediate set compiling of weapons like the Altador Cup Throwing Star, Bow of Destiny, Wand of Reality, Ylanas Blaster and Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting, and don't particularly like the power to price of Ultra Bubble Gun and Werelupe Claw Necklace, then I would highly suggest finding a good deal on this mace and buying one until you can afford a Hidden Tower alternative. Use this as a fun and useful stepping stone.

Upgrades: Attack Pea family, or Grapes of Wrath for mass earth. Otherwise, any of the anagram like weapons will work for you. (sword ofseries and/or Kelpbeards Trident.

Alternatives: I'm going to put Ultra Bubble Gun here simply because I like it's icons. This mace however is clearly the best stepping stone between the intermediate and anagram levels.

Downgrades: The intermediate weapons. I'll mention them again because I can copy and paste :D :
Altador Cup Throwing Star, Bow of Destiny, Wand of Reality, Ylanas Blaster and Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting.

Counters: Earth is a tough icon to block. None of the "popular" HT shields fully block earth, or fire. Some options however are: Shield of Pion Troect and Illusens Silver Shield. You can also attempt to reflect the earth icons by taking a risk with Ultra Dual Shovel. Also, keep in mind the fabled Kings Lens reflects 50% earth. Lastly, but not importantly, Yooyuball Goal Net Shield will actually handle all the air damage you might take. Though is very situational and I would not recommend it.