Face Mace

Face Mace [r101]
Multiple Use

Actual iconage for earth and physical are both 2.3-5.0 icons.
Total iconage is 10.6-16 icons.

Costs 260 dubloons at Smugglers Cove.
Restocks at: Smugglers Cove
Avg. rating: 5 / 10
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Who knew a Chombys face was this deadly?
Smuggler's Cove weapon
Credits: Jarred and Bill (for lending), demon_aj and Crimson for testing
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Reviews (avg rating: 5)

Good Rhyme? [at Jul 23rd, 2012; 1:50 PM]
5 / 10

Hmm let's see... It gets destroyed by common shields like Ghostkershield, Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield, and Faerie Tabard(Blocks all but 3 light icons). Could make a great collectors item though.

Icons- Has good icons, but for around the same price you can get a Glittery Faerie Dust, Kelpbeards Trident, or for just bit more you can afford to get one of the HT Swords( Thigl, Ari, Thare, Skardsen, Tawre, and Reif). Not that many weapons deal air, light, earth, and physical, but for the price of this weapon, it just isn't powerful enough. You want air? Get Sword of Ari. You want light? Get Sword of Thigl. You want Earth? Get Sword of Thare.

Other Options- You can buy a Quill Sword which goes for less then 1% of the price of Face Mace.