Altador Cup Throwing Star

Altador Cup Throwing Star [r101]
Multiple Use

Exclusive prize from the Altador Cup in 2012.
Estimated Cost: 2.5 M NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 7 / 10
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Almost more dreaded than Darigan Yooyus. Almost.
Credits: delinquentkitty
Used by: Shady Prowler , Kanrik, Master Thief , Professor Lambert , Apathy
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Reviews (avg rating: 7)

Somehow... you never run out [at Jun 29th, 2012; 3:43 PM]
7 / 10

Ahh TNT released a new 13 iconer, and you didn't have to beat NQ II to get it! The icons are really nice as air always shines and physical isn't always easy to block. This however shares a weakness with Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting where as they both lose to Rusty Pitchfork. The raw power of this is equivalent to the more expensive Wand of Reality and Bow of Destiny. Although this prize is semi-retired, I believe there are as many of these throwing stars, as there are Ylanas Blasters and Blsowsings. Both of which have not inflated regardless of being war prizes. Thus my point is, they may inflate slightly, but I predict will stabilize at around 1 million neopoints.

Keep in mind that as nice as the air is, there are also too many Pteri's in the battledome today making this slightly less desirable.

Upgrades: If you like the mass air and physical, your next step up would be Sword of Ari. Otherwise more powerful weapons are the anagram swords.

Alternatives: Of all the 13 iconers, this is by far the smallest. In comparison, you have a Legendary Sword, Ylanas blaster from space, a Wand of Reality the says it is extremely good at blowing up things, and a Bow of Destiny that can split hairs. All of which deal around 13 icons.

Defenses: The new Shield of Faerieland smothers this as its defending icons match this weapon. Faerie Tabard allows only 2 air icons through its defenses whereas Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield allows only 3 fire icons through its defenses.

Counters (offense): All of the above 13 iconers except Bow of Destiny are defeated head to head with Rusty Pitchfork. Yes, the pitchfork lacks a bit of the raw power that the above weapons due, but it's dual duty defense of defending 5 physical icons breaks down Wand of Reality and Ylanas Blaster to 10 and 9.6 icons respectively, and Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting and this throwing star, to 7.75 and 8 icons respectively.