Shield of Faerieland

Shield of Faerieland [r200]
Multiple Use
Estimated Cost: 11M-11.8M NP
Restocks at: Hidden Tower
Avg. rating: 7 / 10
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Protect yourself in battle with this regal shield that is reminiscent of the Faerie Queen herself!
Hidden Tower weapon
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Reviews (avg rating: 7)

for girls.. only? [at Jun 7th, 2012; 10:21 AM]
7 / 10

Ahh, what we have all been waiting for. A shield that fully blocks air, and some other icons to make it "considerable". To be honest, it seems mass earth will be hard to block now O.o

Let's take a look at the price here. 12 million neopoints. Now there are i think 3 weapons in the hidden tower that costs more than this. All of which, are somewhat useful but can be debatable. But i'll tell you now, the price of all of these have dropped about 4 mil from EACH of them because people know they aren't worth their hidden tower price. If this shield were to drop to 8 mil, heck i'd prefer something else still. Air is so hard to beat, not block, to beat, that i tend to just take the hit and try to out offense my opponent.

For those of you who got this for half price, congrads, yet sorry it didn't reflect what you had hoped. TNT is truly devious.

Air and fire seemed to be the hardest to block icons, and now this shield can take a chunk out of them! Unfortunately, shields again just have a hard time cutting it. You opponent would have to use a Sword of Ari or Pirate Captains Cutlass for this to be effective, and even so, the latter gets some light through therefore this shield STILL losing head to head. So again, the only time this is useful is if they happen to use air+fire, and you use this and an anagram sword, again, situational. Consider just morphing to a Pteri instead.

Interesting enough, you can cover all bases if you combo this with Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour

In other words, full blockers are pretty much useless against anagram swords because of an entire guessing game where it's your 1/6 chance against their 2 wepaons. Unless shields do a good amount of something else that is. For example, the risk of using an Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy or Shield Of Pion Troect will ONLY, ONLY be useful if they were to use the respective anagram swords at that given time. Even so, their physical icons get through so you really lose head to head no matter what.

All in all, no full blocking shields are worthy in my book, but these are worth considering if you want to bottleneck your opponents options and make them scramble. So have fun trying to plug the impossibly high number of holes in these shields still.

Fire - Frozen Cyodrake Shield
Water - Faerie Tabard
Air - Shield of Faerieland
Earth - None that are worth it to me, pion troect and illusens silver shield are just too weak for me.
Dark - Ghostkershield
Light - Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield or Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour
Physical - Altadorian Swordbreaker or Yooyuball Player Sling or Yooyuball Keepers Chest Guard.

So I want to say this again, unless you are psychic and know that your full blocker will match their sword, these shields just have a hard time cutting it against the onslaught of the anagram swords. The shields above are more suited for blocking the powerful dual duties of today or intermediate weapons like Bow of Destiny, Wand of Reality, etc.

Even with reflectors, the chances of you reflecting that one out of six varieties of icons, is just really small. This is why defense is harder than offense today.

In conclusion, even if this blocked the additional 20 icons that Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield can, you'd be picking between if you would want to plug burrow, or sink. As for now, hnms is still the best, yet personally not good enough (due to anagram swords) of shields today.

PS Thare's are Ixi's just got 10X more popular ;)