Ancient Negg Amulet

Ancient Negg Amulet [r101]
Multiple Use
Against Neggbreaker in the Festival of Neggs event:

20,000 direct damage even if not used and just equipped (even when frozen)
Also gives you the 700 strength boost during the battle.

Against other opponents:

Against Neggbreaker in the Festival of Neggs event:
All All All All All All All when equipped (even if not used, even when frozen)

Against other opponents:

Given out in the Mysterious Negg "plot" in Y14.

Estimated Cost: 10K-15K NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 1 / 10
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What power could be contained within this glowing amulet? This was given out as a prize for the Y14 Festival of Neggs.
Dual duty (attack + defense)
Credits: Crimson, schaper
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Reviews (avg rating: 1)

Not Particularly Useful [at Sep 23rd, 2012; 12:47 PM]
1 / 10

Released as part of the Y14 Festival of Neggs, this weapon was a must-have to succeed in defeating the Neggbreaker in the Battledome. However, the Amulet must have lost its magical powers, because it now deals only 3 earth icons against this opponent.

Now, the Amulet is not a useful weapon. Three icons is not enough to make a significant dent in most 1-P fights, and 3 earth icons are easily blocked by common inexpensive shields like Leaf Shield or the Shiny Shoal Shell Shield.

There are a lot of cheap weapons that give more than 3 icons of damage. For example, the Scarab Ring is over 5K cheaper and does 6 icons damage plus defending. If you must have earth damage, consider the Pumpkin Launcher, which does 8 icons for half the price.