Flask of Liquid Light

Flask of Liquid Light [r97]
Multiple Use
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If your opponent's intelligence is more than Bright then it does 14 icons. If not, then it does 8.
Estimated Cost: 100 NP
Restocks at: Royal Potionery
Avg. rating: 8 / 10
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Temporarily stun your opponent with this blinding light contained within a flask!
Credits: neoskulltula, fireblasterno1
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Reviews (avg rating: 8)

Brilliant Light for 2 Player [at Jun 23rd, 2012; 7:31 PM]
8 / 10

Power to Price (5/6): This massive light potion is slightly higher than similar intelligence potions.

Tactical (3/3): Massive light and air are a good combo at the lower level where full light blocking shields are absent. If you do begin to see Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield, Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour, or Parasol of Unfortunate Demise, it is probably time to upgrade your constant(s)

Other Observations (0/1): This is ineffective in 1-Player.

Downgrades: Vial of Fragrant Oil and Steaming Skeem Potion are your intelligence potion downgrades. For pure offensive power in 1-P, Scroll of the Scholar and Scroll of Knowledge.

Alternatives: Flask of Liquid Fire, Flaming Blooble Potion and Sroom Fruit Potion are your other 8+6 intelligence potions. This is usually considered the best in terms of icon types.

Upgrades: Assuming you are using this for 2 Player, the Kelpbeards Trident, Sword of Ari, Sword of Thigl, Sword of Thare, Sword of Tawre, Sword of Skardsen, Sword of Reif and Pirate Captains Cutlass tier is your next step.

Defenses/Countermeasures: Parasol of Unfortunate Demise, Hubrid Nox Memorial Sheild, Shadow Shield, and Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour. The Faerie Ability Steam Shield blocks all light once per battle. Shield of Reflection will do a good amount against this weapon, though it is fragile.