Rusty Cleaver

Rusty Cleaver [r96]
Multiple Use
Estimated Cost: 40K-60K NP
Restocks at: Haunted Weaponry
Avg. rating: 4.5 / 10
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Rust just makes the attack that much better!
Credits: Evil_Kannibal
Used by: Lanie and Lillie
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Reviews (avg rating: 4.5)

The Butcher [at May 27th, 2012; 3:25 PM]
5 / 10


Finally, these have dropped to around 45k right now. This is actually pretty cheap. Two things destroy this weapon. 1. Scarab Ring and 2. Snowager Sword. Fire is somewhat hard to block at this level. The best shield you can get is either Flaming Oven Gloves or Sophies Magic Hat. Both will reduce this to 3 icons, yet so will scarab ring :)

The reason I'm giving this a 5 and not lower is because for you 500k cap battlers, some people walk around with two of these. I call it, "The Butcher Build". As good as Scarab Ring is these days, people for some reason seem to neglect these in their sets. If they do, just spam two of these and your opponent will be scared. These however are destroyed by sink and burrow.

For alternatives and what not, just scroll down. A direct upgrade to these icons however is the much more expensive, Sword of Reif.
Tactically lacking. [at Nov 13th, 2011; 4:21 PM]
4 / 10

Power to Price (3/6): 40K for a 9 icon weapon is satisfactory. This will probably deflate though.

Tactical (0/3): This gets murdered by the common Scarab Ring, not to mention common dual duties and shields..

Other Observations (1/1): Rust can cause infections.

Downgrades: Scroll of Flame Strike has equally bad icons. Pumpkin Launcher is a good cheap 8-iconer.

Alternatives: Carved Qasalan Blowgun and Rainbow Scroll are the two cheapest 9-iconers.

Upgrades: Ramtors Spellbook and Scuzzys Comb are the cheapest 10-iconers.

Defenses/Countermeasures: Scarab Ring and Sophies Magic Hat leave just 3 icons behind. Faerie Tabard leaves just one.