Downsize! [r68]
Once Per Battle
50% of all icons.

Limit One
Estimated Cost: 7K - 10K NP
Restocks at: Defence Magic
Avg. rating: 9 / 10
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Temporarily shrink. You may be able to avoid attack. Limited Use. (Only one can be equipped and it can only be used once per battle)
Used by: Zafara Rogue, Count Von Roo, Harry the Mutant Moehog, Mummy
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Reviews (avg rating: 9)

Best cheap, unique weapon! [at Jun 24th, 2012; 7:15 AM]
9 / 10

Power to Price (6/6): There really is nothing that does anything close to 50% damage block around this price range.

Tactical (2/3): This is great when you know your opponent is going to play a bomb on you next turn. Since it blocks all icons 50%, weapons like Glittery Faerie Dust completely lose their surprise value. The downside is that both you and your opponent play the same weapon (opponent: 2xYlanas Blaster, you: Ylanas Blaster + Downsize!), the overall damage is still the same on both sides.

Other Observations (1/1): r68 is going to keep the price down for a long time...that is, until it retires.

Downgrades: None.

Alternatives: Thick Smoke Bomb blocks all icons for one turn, but is one use and a couple times the price of this.

Upgrades: Thyoras Tear is the once per battle blocker but is incredibly expensive.

Defenses/Countermeasures: Outdamaging your opponent and using a freezer or something along the lines of Voidberry Potion, Prickly Potion, or Glowing Cauldron would be the best ways to counter this.