Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield

Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield [r200]
Multiple Use

Actual icons are full light and 5 of each other types.
Estimated Cost: 8M NP
Restocks at: Hidden Tower
Avg. rating: 10 / 10
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Show your dedication to Nox with this winsome shield!
Hidden Tower weapon
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Reviews (avg rating: 10)

No this doesn't protect you from Magax [at Jul 26th, 2012; 7:02 PM]
10 / 10

I totes stole the title of this review from someone, I forgot who though.. whoopsy :D

The Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield. This is the most powerful shield in neopia that is available to the public and is buyable from the Hidden Tower. Fully blocking light, and defending 20 other icons is pretty nifty, this shield here can take down most intermediate weapons with letting a few get power through equivalent to a Sword of Domar. The holes in this shield, are obviously dark and fire. The first of which can be supplemented by obvious weapons such as the Hanso Charisma Charm, Ring of the Lost and this guys cousin: Ghostkershield. (Both from the same neighborhood ;) ) The fire however is a little harder to block, quench isn't 100% reliable so I suggest morphing to a scorchio or shoyru, or just get your hands on a fire reflector like a Clawed Shield. Otherwise, the defese of this shield is pretty much self explanatory. Its raw power is slightly greater than the other Hidden Tower shields, and strategically great.

Upgrades: Nada

Alternatives: There are TONS of full blocking light items out there to choose from. Defenders include: Fyoras Looking Glass, Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour, Shadow Shield, Superior Reflection Shield, Combo Battle Mirrors, and Parasol Of Unfortunate Demise. Whereas dual duties include the cursed Jhudoras Bewitched Ring and the extremely expensive Skarls Sword.

Defenses/Counters: Well, I shouldn't really say defenses since this is a shield, but I'm going to leave it there cause I'm silly. Look at mass dark and fire weapons. Here are some examples, DARK: Sword of Skardsen, Jhudoras Bewitched Ring, Dark Faerie Collar, Wand of the Dark Faerie. FIRE: Sword of Reif, Flask of Liquid Fire and Mask of Coltzan.
New Shield Standard [at Oct 5th, 2011; 3:52 PM]
10 / 10

Power to Price (6/6): You truly get what you pay for. It blocks some widely used icons and it's a full blocker. The only way this could've been more perfect is if it reflected, froze, or attacked as well. But hey, it's great the way it is. The best part is that it's readily available in the Hidden Tower.

Tactical (3/3): Blocking a full icon is always a plus, and it cripples most of the weapons you'll be seeing at this level.

Miscellaneous (1/1): It looks really cool and would make a great collector's item. :) If/when it retires from the Hidden Tower the price will SKYROCKET.

Downgrades: The closest thing to a direct downgrade would be Pirate Captains Hat, but I don't like the fact that it can break for the rest of the battle. I would stick with Sophies Magic Hat or Patched Magic Hat until you could afford this.

Alternatives: Faerie Tabard and Ghostkershield are the only two great shields that you'll see on this level, but I wouldn't bother with those unless you're looking for the specific protection they provide.

Upgrades: N/A. If this isn't good enough for you, I don't know what is!

Countermeasures: Fire and Darkness are the only holes in this shield. Sword of Reif would be your best option, while I would say that Portable Kiln would be your next option. A Sword of Skardsen also gets a lot of icons through this but with darkness being so easy to block nowadays, I wouldn't recommend it for general use.
Great! [at Oct 4th, 2011; 5:05 PM]
10 / 10

Power to Price (6/6): Another Ghostkershield equivalent. This blocks the very hard to block light icons plus more icons than either Ghostkershield or Faerie Tabard.

Tactical (3/3): Kills Pirate Captains Cutlass, Sword of Thigl, Sword of White Lies, Pumpkin Stick, Staff of Righteous Fury, Ice Club, Stone Club, Water Muffin, Essence of Esophagor, Meukas Snot Trail and many Snowballs. Also cripples Kelpbeards Trident.

Other Observations (1/1): Hubrid Nox was so cool! :(

Downgrades: Sophies Magic Hat, Pirate Captains Hat, Parasol of Unfortunate Demise.

Alternatives: Faerie Tabard exchanges 2 air and earth for 5 fire and all water instead of light. Ghostkershield blocks all dark and 3 light.

Upgrades: No pure shields are better than this. Read the Ghostkershield description!

Defenses/Countermeasures: Sword of Skardsen, Sword of Reif, and Portable Kiln are the way to go against this.